Rev.Joey Bernales Testimony

My Personal Reflection:

Building Spiritual Leaders

It was a Great Previlege for me to have been part of the IFAFM Missions Team to North India (Kolkata, Siliguri, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Mirik). I observed so many Pastors and Leaders who were so hungry for the Apostolic Teaching. They had travelled so far for days from Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, West Bengal and other places just to attend and participate in this leadership conference. How they diligently heard every speaker who ministered at this event. The leaders were greatly blessed as this was the first and only leadership conference they had ever attended. For them, it was the very first time they heard such kind of Apostolic Messages. They heard and experienced apostolic authority and power, especially during the teaching on Building Spiritual Leaders. It was amazing how the Lord moved in great power and  the Holy Spirit flowed like a mighty river touching everyone.  The Word of God was delivered in great apostolic authority and power, declaring its Wealth and Power to change and transform lives and circumstances.

The people were deeply moved and cried when it was time for us to depart. They wished they could go with us or we could remain with them so that they can  continue to receive the Apostolic Teaching and to mentor them.

This made a powerful impact on me, to see such great spiritual hunger.  It was indeed a challengjng experience. Praise the Lord that in a little way, I had been a part of it all.

Hope you can join us in our next IFAFM Mission Trip.

Shalom and God Bless!
Rev.Joey Bernales,
Pastor, River of Life Church, Manila & IFAFM Coordinator Philippines.