Aims & Objectives

IFAFM is founded to fulfill the following:

  1. Uniting Apostolic Faith Ministers and Christian Workers for effective Ministry, Reformation of the Church and World Evangelism.
  2. Providing through The Apostolic Council oversight, the recognition and granting of ministerial credentials; assisting in organizing and dedication of new and existing local churches.
  3. Encouraging Apostolic Faith Ministers and Christian Workers through fellowship, conferences and conventions.
  4. Promoting growth and effectiveness in Ministry through global network of Apostolic Faith Ministers (members) and promoting the work of young and dynamic ministers whose ministries are not yet known.
  5. Organizing training programs for Ministers and Christian workers for effective leadership and continuity.
  6. Providing adequate research data, facts and information for missions, outreaches and other works of the ministry in view of the fact that effective ministries have been impeded by lack of information, facts and data.
  7. Representing and acting on behalf of the organizations who require our services.
  8. Introducing and recommending proven Ministers and Christian workers to Governments, Embassies and Organizations – Locally and Internationally.
  9. Providing useful information about Ministry and Mission opportunities worldwide.