Responsibility Of Members

  1. Every member shall pay a yearly renewal fee of U.S. $10 to the National Office and another UD$10 to International Headquarters, convertible in equivalence of the Local Currency of such a country.
  2. Every member shall be willing to support, host and encourage a visiting member according to his church’s or ministry’s ability.
  3. Every member shall contribute financially, materially and other ways to international, regional or national conferences and conventions. This is in proportion to his or her ability.
  4. Every member shall be willing to promote, encourage and personally participate in the activities of IFAFM in his/her country, zone or wherever he or she is.

Qualification and Disqualification

A. Qualification

Every truly born again Christian is qualified to register as a member.  However, since IFAFM is a Christian Organization that is opposed to substandard Christianity, every intending member must have a record of proven Christian ministry, character, integrity and honesty.  Two reputable referees are required on behalf of each intending member.

B. Disqualification

A member shall cease to be a member if and when he/she decides to do so or when it is discovered after careful investigation that he/she is not living in accordance with Biblical requirements of a sound Christian character.

Secondly, should any report of dishonesty or immorality be confirmed by this body about any member or intending member, the member shall be dropped or disqualified.

Thirdly, should a member travel to another country and misbehaves in whatever way, his membership shall be withdrawn and cancelled without incurring any responsibility on the Fellowship.