Members Benefits

1.      Missionary Activities

A member is entitled to minister in any country of his/her choice where IFAFM exists.  Such an arrangement shall be made by the member’s National Office prior his/her trip.

2.      Educational Program

The IFAFM encourages and assists its members to acquire further education in their respective fields of endeavour.  Assistance is given in the following ways:

  1. By establishing contact with the institutions and obtaining details of their educational requirements and brochures.
  2. Making arrangements for monetary transfer to the institution and sourcing for sponsorship/scholarship.
  3. Giving to interested members up-to-date information on educational prospects (i.e. vacancies and courses offered) in various institutions of a particular country.
  4. Provide free or low-cost study programs with affiliated Colleges or Universities.
  5. Provide correspondence studies leading to Diploma or Degree (Bachelor of Ministry) through Apostolic Faith Bible Institute.
3.      Project assistance Scheme
  1. The IFAFM is interested in encouraging / sponsoring viable projects initiated by members which are geared towards the spread of the Gospel. The modalities are as follows:
  2. Submission of application/project proposal to the International Office of IFAFM through a member’s Local and National Office.
  3. Approval / sponsorship is subject to the recommendations of the project supervision committee of a member’s country or domicile.

4.      Church /Ministry Affiliation
  1. Being a non-denominational organization, the IFAFM welcomes affiliation from churches, Christian ministries and organizations. The affiliate church/ministry shall enjoy the benefits that accrue to individual members of the IFAFM.
  2. Since the IFAFM is not a member of other ministerial organizations, but will try to link up with such organizations.
  3. The IFAFM does not interfere with internal affairs of any of its members/affiliate churches except when called upon for assistance.
5.      Award of Certificates

IFAFM undertakes to recommend members to highly reputable Christian Universities and Institutions for both recognition and award of certificates and degrees.

6.      Ordination and Commission

As a registered and recognized Christian organization, the INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP OF APOSTOLIC FAITH MINISTERS has the authorization to ordain, commission and consecrate Apostolic Faith/Gospel Ministers who are members of IFAFM and who need such services.This aspect is very relevant in view of increasing difficulties to operate as Gospel Ministers in some countries of the world, without relevant documents and authorization.

7.      Joint Missionary Endeavour

The Joint Missionary Endeavour is the teamwork approach to Mass Evangelism.  It has to do with the coming together of various affiliate ministries of IFAFM for joint task force in evangelism/outreach.Human and material resources are also pulled together for the execution of large meetings, crusades, outreaches and conferences for the benefit of a particular member or affiliate ministry which is in need of such services.

8.      APOSTOLIC Network Report
  1.  The Apostolic Network Report is a quarterly official magazine of the IFAFM which is circulated among its membership. Its main feature is that of informing, educating, entertaining, encouraging and uniting ministers of the Gospel and Christian Workers in their respective fields of endeavour.
  2. It is primarily published to highlight current activities of the IFAFM worldwide. Articles such as news, advertisement, church directory and other marketable information are welcome from its members.
9.      Other Benefits

The above mentioned benefits and many other benefits which are not mentioned in this bulletin, accrue to members and affiliate ministries of IFAFM.