Elementor #745


Module 1

Unit 1: A Leader’s Relationship with God / Growing in our Relationship with God

Unit 2: Leading the Fellowship / Church / Small Group / House Church Time / Why We Do / What We Do

Unit 3: Humility in Leadership / Humility in Relationships

Unit 4: The Importance of Discipling (for Leaders) / The Importance of Discipling (for everyone)

Unit 5: An Effective Discipling Time

Unit 6: The Elements of a Spiritually Healthy Regular / Fellowship /Church / Small Group / House Church.

Unit 7: The Signs of a Spiritually Healthy Church / Fellowship

Unit 8: The Prayer Fuelled Church / Fellowship. A Humble Church / Fellowship Prays

Unit 9: Being a Spirit-led Church / Fellowship

Unit 10: Leading for Transformation not Conformation. Seeking Transformation

Module 2

Unit 11: Family Unity. Being a Unified Family 

Unit 12: A Leader that Trains Others. The Value of Training. 

Unit 13: Setting Goals Having Goals

Unit 14: Accountability. Being Accountable to One Another 

Unit 15: Expectations. Having and Meeting Expectations 

Unit 16: Effective Encouragement. Encouraging One Another 

Unit 17: Developing an Evangelistic Plan. Planning to Evangelize 

Unit 18: Multiplication. A Multiplying Church / Fellowship

Unit 19: Winning Souls as a Fellowship / Church

Unit 20: Urgent to Study the Bible with People. Urgency and Perseverance 

Module 3

Unit 21: Winning Hearts. Giving Our Heart 

Unit 22: Strong Friendships. Strong Friendships 

Unit 23: Spiritual Breakthroughs. Helping One Another with Spiritual Breakthroughs 

Unit 24: Ability to Imitate. Worth Imitating 

Unit 25: Leading Proactively. Being a Proactive Church / Fellowship

Unit 26: Replicating Yourself. Being the Body 

Unit 27: Routine Leadership. A Routine Church / Fellowship

Unit 28: A Church Leader’s Day (ministry day i.e. Wednesday night or other days. Prepared for the Day 

Unit 29: The Cost of Leadership Leaders and Leading 

Unit 30: Potential Pitfalls of Leadership. Be on the Lookout